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Bridging Skills for Sustainable, Ecological and Digital Transformation

Alumni Voices


Understanding the dynamics of economic and social change in the developing world represents the main interest of my professional life. In particular, I have always been interested in how international cooperation and food aid should be aimed at achieving welfare for developing countries. For this reason, the focus of my studies has been Development Economics and International Cooperation (MESCI) on University Tor Vergata.

After graduation, I immediately pursued internship opportunity in the United Nations World Food Programme where build a sound knowledge on how humanitarian aid and development should be implemented in order to achieve objectives of quality efficiency and sustainability while bringing the highest benefits to the beneficiaries of the assisted countries. After successful fulfilment of internship duties, I was offered to stay at the same job.

Working as a development economist for 5 years in WFP improved my knowledge of the United Nations system and of its global economic and social mandate. I have worked three and half years in the WFP Headquarters in the School Feeding unit where I daily liaising with 63 country offices where WFP implements school feeding programme. Policy and Strategy has been a significant part of my work. This experience has enhanced my skills in policy related work, operational research, coordination and advocacy for fundraising.
Since WFP is the organization very field oriented, the logical continuation in my career path was to continue my work in one of the country offices and work on project implementation and capacity development with governments. As of 2015 I worked in Guinea which was Ebola endemic country where WFP had an emergency response. After that rich and difficult experience I was transferred to Armenia where I’m working at the moment.