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Bridging Skills for Sustainable, Ecological and Digital Transformation
APPLICATION PROCESS IS OPEN NOW!!! WFP HQ guided visit Migration and Climate Change MESCI students at IFAD Talk: Innovation for Impact 21 years of MESCI Master- 500 students World Food Forum: 40° Year Foundation of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Festival of Civil Economy


Admissions for XXIII edition of 2024/2025 accademic year are OPEN Now! Interested candidates are invited to apply online within the fixed deadline: Deadline for nternational students 30 September 2024. Deadline for italian students: 15 October 2024. Good luck!

WFP HQ guided visit

Recently we visited WFP HQ: interesting guidance for most important spaces and rooms, Nobel Prize demonstration, Memory Wall with its difficult and honorable stories, introduction on the activities of the organization, some advice on the application process – all that was kindly offered to our students.

Migration and Climate Change

Exploring links between migration and climate change: could they be directed towards more sustainable development?

MESCI students at IFAD Talk: Innovation for Impact

MESCI students & Team were invited at IFAD Innovation Talk. IFAD's President shared with all the audience, his vision for innovation for IFAD and how he expects innvovation to deliver transformational impact and results for the rural poor.

21 years of MESCI Master- 500 students

There are students looking for a deeper meaning of their work who wish that all what they will do throughout their lives can have a positive social, environmental and economic impact on the lives of the others. MESCI has accompanied since 20 years 500 students, for whom our Master has been their springboard for sucess in careers.

World Food Forum: "Healthy Diet, Healthy Planet"

Under the theme "Healthy Diet, Healthy Planet", MESCI students together with young people aroung the globe with different backgrounds were brought together to discuss, advocate and co-identify priorities and innovative solutions on the way forward to catalyze the transformation of agrifood systems for a better food future.

40° Year Foundation of the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

It has now ended the event for the 40th year of the foundation of the University of Rome Tor Vergata .Over 70 events organized, many guests involved and many topics dealt together with students and teachers of our university, including the Director of our MESCI Master, Prof. Becchetti and Prof.Sachs.

Festival of Civil Economy

Participation, sharing, creativity will be the fundamental engines of Economic Development in the coming years. The Civil Economy is the vision of an economy that focuses on the company and on the person, a person that cooperates and creates positive and generative relationships. Our MESCI Director, discussed on these topics at Festival of Civil Economy in Florence.

FAO elearning Academy

MESCI togheter with the FAO elearning Academy offers over 500 multilingual elearning courses, free of charge, as a global public good.

Practice and continuous improvement with our master!

Our students delivering effective presentations and interacting succesfully with the audience. Keep working hard like that! 


So what difference will a master's degree really make to you? And can you measure your return on investment? Read and analize our 10 reasons to chose MESCI in the bottom of the page.

Study with our great academic organization!

Our MESCI master increases your chances of enhancing personal development, gives you a head start in your career and helps you to acquire excellent professional connections to help build your future. JOIN US!

Master MESCI - Bridging Skills for Sustainable Development

Master MESCI in Development Economics and International Cooperation

Bridging Skills for Sustainable Development is a 1 year international Masters (M2 level) programme (60 credits) in development economics and international cooperation. at the School of Economics of the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

The programme, which is taught in English, provides a solid grounding in the most recent economic theory in micro- and macroeconomics, as well as in econometrics and statistics.

This intensive Master aims to equip students with an in-depth understanding of economic development issues, as well as with analytical skills and methods for applied research on poverty, inequality, migration, labour, credit, gender, environmental and trade issues.

Courses are grounded in the current challenges the world is facing in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and students are provided with opportunities to learn and interact with staff from United Nations specialized agencies headquartered in Rome (FAO, IFAD and WFP), where many past students have subsequently gone on to undertake internships and to find employment.


Read the stories of our past students. They will tell you why they have chosen MESCI's program.