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Bridging Skills for Sustainable, Ecological and Digital Transformation

Alumni Voices


MESCI has provided me with an extensive knowledge of the way in which the development world is structured. Through both theoretical and practical courses, we were trained in a wide array of topics. I found it very stimulating to study within such a diverse group of young people. Being surrounded by different cultures and learning from all their different approaches has been a fun and constructive experience.
For my internship, I chose to go to a developing country and found a position with an Italian NGO working in Tanzania. At the moment, I am carrying out an economic assessment for them in the Tanzanian Highlands. In collaboration with a Tanzanian student, I conducted many interviews to gather information on the currently existing Rural Income Generating Activities within our Kata (ward). The main focus is on the economical conditions that can help to stimulate local entrepreneurs to start their own small businesses. The conclusions of my study will be helpful for the NGO which is planning to start a micro-credit organisation in the coming months.