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Bridging Skills for Sustainable, Ecological and Digital Transformation

Alumni Voices


Working in the field of international cooperation for development was and is still my dream. The reason for this is surely linked to my desire to spend my working time and my intellectual skills in a ethical, useful and meaningful manner, and at the same time satisfying my desire to know different cultures and challenge my limits in language, communication and habits.
The decision to enroll in MESCI came from a personal and professional path made of a University degree in Business Management, followed by a 4-years professional experience first as auditor, in the private sector, and then as Country Administrator of a NGO in Ethiopia. I felt a need to change the specialization of my job, switching from the pure administration and financial part to a wider one. I am very satisfied about the choice of this Master: an international environment, a comprehensive program of studies and good exposure to academic and professional work. I carried out my final traineeship at FAO headquarters, in the Gender, Equity and Rural Employment Division (ESDW), where I elaborated a policy brief to be published and support the work in the area of rural employment. I am enthusiastic about this experience and I think it was very useful to build a good network of contacts and a good understanding of possible ways to work in this sector in the next future.