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Bridging Skills for Sustainable, Ecological and Digital Transformation

Alumni Voices


I am Naqibullah Abdullah from western of Afghanistan – Herat city, with bachelor degree specialized in Macro – Economics from Herat University and Master Degree of Economics Development & International Development (MESCI), Honestly MESCI changed my life, following my completion of MESCI I did an internship program at Commonwealth Trading Partner INC, Alexandria, VA – USA, which was a great international work experience for me. Soon I finished internship program I backed to my country, and offered a job as project management consultant and district governance development specialist at UNDP/ASGP, which is a capacity development program for Afghanistan government. I am happy with this job; in addition I have recently registered an NGO by the name of Better Ideas for Development, and have cooperation with two private higher education Institutes as an instructor. I can’t thank you enough for what our professors, great coordinator of this program Mrs. Carmen Tata and other colleagues did for me, MESCI changed my social prestige in this less develop country. At the end I can’t forgot good time and memories with my classmates and colleagues in great Roma!
Thank you very much MESCI.