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Bridging Skills for Sustainable, Ecological and Digital Transformation

Alumni 2020/2021


My name is Laurel Chiazor and I am 23. I graduated with an Economics degree from BIU, Nigeria. I have worked as a customer relationship officer for 2 years. While working as a customer relationship officer, I realized the almost nonexistent social well-being, infrastructure/frameworks for the vulnerable and disadvantaged population of the citizens of Nigeria. I am passionate about children and their well-being. To this end, I researched different ways I could turn my passion to a realty, and I decided to go into the Monitoring and Evaluation field, hence my reason for applying for the MESCI program. 
Studying the MESCI Program at the University of Rome, “Tor Vergata” will allow me to: explore the long-term experience of social innovation building; gain knowledge and skills in the field of developmental economics and leadership; and perhaps even make network connections which can all be used for addressing the particular challenges that affect the vulnerable/disadvantaged segments of the society at large. 
I am looking forward to meeting new people, working with International Organizations as well as contributing to the society. I have learned a lot since I started this program and looking forward to learning more. 
Ps. I cannot wait to taste the Italian Ice-cream (Gelato)