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Bridging Skills for Sustainable, Ecological and Digital Transformation

Alumni 2020/2021


My name is Souita Sophie and I’m from Cameroon. I first graduated from Tor Vergata University  with a degree in Business Administration, following this I attended a master course from FOCSIV (an Italian non governmental organisation) and Lateran University of Rome in International Cooperation and Human Rights.

I then had an opportunity to do an internship in Cameroon working with the Out- of- Camp refugees of Kousseri municipalities in the Far North Region, in collaboration with the Ngos Codasc Caritas and CRS. After this I returned to Rome to participate in another internship with FOCSIV, where I had the privilege of contributing to the FOCSIV Land grabbing Annual Report 2020 writing about the phenomena of landgrabbing in the forest region and Boko Haram conflict in Cameroon. I have also been a volunteer cultural mediator for two associations in Rome.

Through these experiences I have had the opportunity to confront and approach issues such as migration, poverty, hunger and the importance of sustainable development and environmental protection. I’m sure that Mesci will give me the opportunity to further strengthen my skills in development economics and international cooperation, and allow be to grow professionally to continue my path as an agent of change.