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Bridging Skills for Sustainable, Ecological and Digital Transformation

Alumni 2020/2021

SAMUEL Katherine

I am Katherine Yassa Samuel from Egypt. In Oct.2019, I have finished my Master degree in Global management from French university, Also I have 10 years’ experience in multinational corporations and currently I work for INGO “Save the children”. After MBA graduation I realized that I should equipped by some extra courses to be qualified to achieve my life goal to study PhD in economics and management. So I joined the distinctive MESCI program for one year, which is typically meet the area of study I am searching for, mixed of crucial technical courses and other courses can help me and any one like to dig deeply in the UN SDGs goals in the area of human rights, gender equality, poverty, etc. Additionally, the study of the Italian course included in the program is really helpful.

 I am extremely confident that after achieving this Master I will be qualified enough to continue my PhD at Italian university and join the ILO as I am focused in Youth & Labor market issues and I will have my input in this area.