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Bridging Skills for Sustainable, Ecological and Digital Transformation

Alumni 2020/2021


My name is Justine, and I have been living in Italy for 3 years. I had the chance after my Erasmus semester in Maastricht to keep living in a foreign and international context, in CESIE in Palermo.  I achieved a European volunteer service focused on informal education and social and economic integration of unaccompanied minors. This very enriching experience confirmed my willingness to broaden my business administration and economic studies to political sciences and international cooperation. After a first level master level in European studies in Rome, I started an internship in the association and agrigency Agricoltura è Vita in the continuity of my master thesis on the European Neighbourhood instrument for Agricultural and Rural Development in Mediterranean countries. This last experience offered me the opportunity to know more about collaboration and tools co implemented by European agriagency and partner farmer organizations in African countries to support farmers' multidimensional resilience. I had the opportunity to work on a project of agricultural waste management and broadening access to renewable energy in the southern African context. I have appreciated learning more about renewable energy and different ways of producing bioenergies by collaborating with specialists in this field.  I would like to continue studying and investigating the impact of greater and more reliable and sustainable energy access on rural communities as well as the economic potential of better management of post-harvest waste in developed and developing countries. I  still have a great sensitivity to non-formal education thematics and social inclusion, for that reason I would also be very glad to be involved in more local reality and initiative of social agricultural cooperatives for instance.  I think that the MESCI program is going to enable me with relevant quantitative skills to achieve my professional goal meanwhile learning from my international classmates’ perspectives despite online classes.