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Bridging Skills for Sustainable, Ecological and Digital Transformation

Alumni 2020/2021

GRIMALDI Pierfrancesco

Pierfrancesco Grimaldi’s best points and goals:

Points: I am an ambitious, 22 years old, Roman student with a strong multicultural background. I have been in contact with younger and older people from different parts of the world who have exposed me to many distinctive points of view in regard to several aspects of today’s society. During my (working and exploring) experiences abroad. I have met valuable entities of publicly traded companies (especially in Miami, FL) who made me a more open minded individual. I consider my self a risk taker when it comes to take a choice. I would rather try something new, fail, and learn from my mistakes to not repeat them again in the future. I believe that taking risks at a younger age prepares individuals to not mistake during a near future career.

Goals: I have always aspired to succeed in satisfying people needs. By this I mean that I aim to work in an international organization whose mission statement reassumes four fundamental ingredients: “Sustainability, Innovation, development and people”. I believe that I would be an asset to such firms as my main goal is to generate valuable ideas and solutions which lead to a more sustainable and innovative society system whose goal is to assure 7 billion people a worthy life. I aim to make life valuable for myself, family, and friends, yes. But what is more important for me is to make a change. I am not going to do that myself. Indeed, I hope to be working with other people whose cultural background differ from mine in order to generate ideas that come from a perspective which is a mixture of thoughts. This mixture is the fundamental ingredient that can make a change at a global scale. Just like Albert Einstein would not have proven the general relativity theory without Newton’s laws proposing the question: what happens to space-time when warped and twisted around the planet’s rotation? Ps: astronomy has always been a passion of mine