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Bridging Skills for Sustainable, Ecological and Digital Transformation

Alumni 2020/2021


Hi, I am Flaminia, as a law student in Roma Tre, I have had the opportunity to work with ID Consulting, a European fund management consulting firm, based in Brussels, as a project assistant. It was during this experience that I realized how much I would have liked to dive deeper into the economics of development and cooperation, yearning to grasp a better understanding of approaches increasingly aimed at multidisciplinarity, which I believe have proved essential to working in these environments. What intrigues me most is the chance of combining my legal vision with an economic approach on some of the most important issues of development.

MESCI provides me with an opportunity to sink my teeth into all the fascinating areas of the field which is what I set out to achieve when I chose this program. What is more, my working as a tutor has proved to be an incredible opportunity for me to improve several skills of mine such as organizational, relational, and communicative to name just a few. And for all this and much more, I have MESCI to be thankful to!