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Bridging Skills for Sustainable, Ecological and Digital Transformation

Alumni 2011/2012


My name is Sayan Radnaev, I am 25 years old and I am coming from Buryatia, Eastern-Siberian region of Russia (5500 km from Moscow). I studied land cadastre at the Institute of land use planning of Buryat State Academy of Agriculture in Ulan-Ude city, capital of Buryat republic, where I graduated with specialist diploma in 2008. Since then, I have been working 2 years as land surveyor as well as land use planner at the local municipality of my region. In 2010, I won scholarship from European Union (Erasmus Mundus) to study at Mundus Urbano double-degree master program (“International Cooperation and Urban Development”) at Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany. I finished my first year master in 2011 and I chose MESCI program at Rome Tor Vergata University for my second year master, because I am looking forward to work in the field of sustainable urban development in the countries of South and Buryatia, where I am coming from, is one of the most depressive regions of Russia, where most of the budget’s income comes only from the federal budget, has strong resource, indigenous, tourist-recreational potential for its economic development. In particular, Lake Baikal, world’s deepest lake (1637 m) and 25% of freshwater reserves on the planet. Buryatia is also very important transitional destination on Trans-Siberian Railway, and strategic trade way from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar (200 km from Ulan-Ude to Mongolian border) and Beijing. I hope that my improved knowledge will contribute not only to my professional development, but especially to my home region.