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Bridging Skills for Sustainable, Ecological and Digital Transformation

Alumni 2011/2012


Hi all, I’m Enrico from Italy. I graduated with a degree in European Economics and later studied International Economics and Development. During these studies I wrote my thesis about “Fundamental aspects of a regional integration among MENA countries” and “Renovating the Pharmaceutical Sector in Ghana: A feasibility approach.” My main interests have always been development issues, especially focused on African Countries. In the last few years I decide to learn more and more on feasibility studies and policy implementation. A couple of friends and I have created a Non-profit Organization called “La Goccia Italia” the result of which is that we built a Radio Station in Mangochi, Malawi. This project aims to tackle the huge problem of HIV in a country in which the contagion rate reaches 20% of the entire population. Taking part in the MESCI programme is a wonderful opportunity to improve my skills and to share life experiences and ideas in a challenging international environment. Other interests I have include Art, Photography and Cooking.