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Bridging Skills for Sustainable, Ecological and Digital Transformation

Alumni 2011/2012

HAKIM MIKHAIL Sandra Nabil Helmy

As you can understand at first sight my name dates back to the pharaohs, so that means that I come from the famous land of the Pyramids. I am Sandra Mikhail, 23 years old; I come from a country that is rich in both its history and its resources, with a warm sun and strong-willed people. I’m proud to be one of them, one of those who belong to TAHRIR square for the well-being of Egypt. I could say this is one of the main reasons I am doing my masters in development studies, and I had previously obtained a diploma from the “Sapienza University of Rome” in applied anthropology and development processes along with fellow Africans. I had always held Egypt’s interest at heart, I had my bachelor degree in Journalism then I worked in the journalism cabinet of the league of Arab States. I also had the chance to contemplate the north of Europe – Finland - in the foreign correspondent program where I represented Egypt. I am a very motivated person and I think this program can definitely help me to achieve what I always wanted to do in terms of development either in Egypt or in all Africa. Especially in this multicultural context which is one of my mains interests as well. However, living in caput mundi could be considered an inspiration for my motivation to contribute in any form of development.