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Bridging Skills for Sustainable, Ecological and Digital Transformation

Alumni 2011/2012


Having worked more than ten years in one of the poor regions in Turkey, I am well aware of development projects`s crucial role in promoting growth, reducing poverty and helping people to improve their quality of life, especially in developing regions. It is this insight that made me work in development projects, and more specifically in SME development projects of the European Commission and the UNDP in Turkey. Although I gained hands-on experience as an expert, I am aiming at being a value creating leader who can contribute to shape the future of developing regions. In order to achieve this aim, I need tools, skills, a holistic approach, international lessons, access to networks and an intellectually driven environment that a MESCI offers. After obtaining my master degree, I will continue to work for a multilateral organization such as the UNDP, UNIDO, OECD or the World Bank in a developing country with a view to broaden my exposure to different realities and challenges at policy level.